Hello everyone!

I heard that lot of people are wondering what is happening to me and why I don’t compete this season. I had a medial meniscus surgery around 3 months ago in Stockholm and my knee is almost recovered – my knee is ready for competition. I still have pain in some of my quadriceps muscles because I tried to make a fast rehab that resulted in a tendinopathy for my muscles. So to explain it better: some muscles had to work more to keep a stabilisation for the knee, that resulted in a inflammation process.

The second injury that started before the Olympic Games was my achilles tendon, it also started with an overtrained tendon, it was also an tendinopathy. I could train with this pain until July, then I got a sharp pain on one 3 axel attempt- after that I haven’t jump axel or quad at all. The doctors who examined me diagnosed me with an achilles partial tendon rupture- my tendon was 40 % ripped.

I was in Stockholm for a follow up 3 weeks ago, the orthopedic doctors told me that my tendon healed to 100%. But the doctors could not explain why I have such a crazy sharp pain- the pain comes when I jump a single axel so bad that the tears are coming from my eyes and the body is collapsing due to the pain. I will let a last doctor to examine me on Monday and hope that he knows what the problem actually is.

If someone is a orthopedic doctor or foot specialist that is reading this, I would be glad if you could help me to solve this mystery. I’m studying to a fysioterapeut and I have a good anatomy knowledge, but now I need help from people to give me ideas what I can do to make this pain to disappear. So if you have any idea what this is and can help me please contact and write to me via the contact form on my website and I’ll give you a call. I would be grateful if someone will read this and help me.

Thank you!

Edited to Add:

Here is my medical story:

In January-February it started as an overload. The pain came under strain and disappeared after training. Then the pain started to increase (tendonitis) and the pain was constant, I limped 10 minutes after each workout. In July, it felt like a knife stabbed me in the heel, then I could not do the jumps that take off from the left foot. It was a ventral rupture of the Achilles tendon, found via ultrasound in August. In late October, the same orthopedic surgeon examined me using the same technique. The Achilles tendon had healed to 100% with no signs of tendonopathy. The pain is still there on the same scale, no one knows why. The pain is as great as ever, a slight pressure causes pain 8/10 on the VAS. (VAS=visuel analogue scale from 1-10, where 1 is the least pain and 10 the most) The pressure is equivalent to squeezing a slice of bread. At provocative effort of the Achilles tendon the pain is 10/10. I Have used anti-inflammatory treatments occasionally but it doesn’t ease the pain.