Update on the Achilles tendon

Many thanks to those of you who got in touch with me, feel free to continue submitting your theories about what causes the pain in the healthy Achilles tendon. All the email I have received helps a lot 🙂

Today I was in Umeå with an orthopedic surgeon for the last visit, it took some time to drive there but it was worth the visit.
The Achilles tendon is now confirmed that it is fully completely healed (just a little tendinosis left) , and a new theory has emerged about what may be the cause of the pain.
Since there were no signs for ruptures, the doctor said that he has encountered similar cases- but with other sports, such as runners. He said that the ”plantaris” muscle could have been damaged during my partial rupture and that’s why you do not see it on the ultrasound, it can be a major pain.
This little muscle can pass through / along with the Achilles tendon on some people, and he thinks I am one of those people.

The alternative treatment is surgery to remove the tendon of this muscle, so that means that the little muscle basically stops working. According to the doctor, it is a stabilizing muscle, and does not affect the feel or the ability to perform- patients he has had became healthy. What do you think (doctors / surgeons / physiotherapists), can it really be the cause of the pain, and can it help?

So now my plans is to wait a while, taking in more information and theories from those who share it with me.

So I am still grateful to people who make contact with me and tell their versions of their ideas- all of the proposals was incredibly good and helpful. So please continue to send in more ideas 🙂

Surgery is the last thing I do, if i decide to do it- I will let you all know.

Regards / Alexander