World Championship

Well, it didn’t go so well this time.
Im still trying to return to normal shape with my achilles tendon, thats why I don’t jump quad.

But my free program didn’t had anything to do with the injury- just a really bad day.
I started with 3A-3T combo, and I felt pretty good like on my practises at home. Then everything went wrong, that was not planned.
The most annoying part was that I almost gave up the last 50 seconds of my program- that is not my style at all. Little embarrassing….
I will never do like that anymore.
One thing that I learned from this is: ” look up, stand up and never give up”.

My goals after my injury was to make it to finals with “easy” program, without no quad- and I did it!.
Next time will be better!
Thank you for your support!