Changing to pair skating.


Good day!

I have some news for you all.

Considering my injury situation in the achilles tendon and the slow progress, I have decided to go over to Pair Skating this summer.
Single skating is my life, but when things are not going well then you need to rethink the plans.

I’ve been thinking about it since December month and I allready have found a skating partner that I will skate with.

Her name is Isabelle Olsson, she is also competing for the swedish national team.
We will try to skate together this summer and see what will happen.
I will tell you more information later when we will do the “try-out”.

“We will continue to do single skating until then we feel that we are ready for pair skating, then we will try to join the Swedish team.”

I know this sounds a little strange, but I think it will work fine – I have seen people succeed in this.


For questions, write in my guestbook.

Have a nice day!

//Alexander Majorov