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Alexander Majorov senior


Alexander grew up in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, during the Soviet era. He trained for Alexei Mishin and kept skating until he was about 25. He was one of Olympic gold medalist Alexei Yagudins’ first coaches, after being one of two coaches who advertised for new child students in Leningrad back in 1984. Zoya Yagudina, Alexei’s mother, saw that ad and the rest is history. Since the mid-nineties Alexander and Irina reside in Sweden.

“At the beginning of the 1990s things were very hard in Russia. Alexander junior (Sasha) was born in 1991 and there was no food and no jobs. We had to get money somehow and Sweden was the first country to offer us something. A short while later I had another offer, from Finland. I didn’t think I’d stay in Sweden, I had some friends there and started out teaching maybe six weeks in a year and the second year it was three months and then five and after the fourth year I stayed. I didn’t like to move around and just do a little here and there. It’s a process to prepare for and do something, and I wanted to do it well.”

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Irina Majorova

Coach & choreographer

Irina is a student of the Russian Ballet School, a choreographer and dance teacher. She studied four years at university in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, where she got her diploma. At one time she was a choreographer at the School of Olympic Reserve in Leningrad, and between 1984 and 1987 she ran a ballet studio in the same city.

The first time she got involved in figure skating was in 1986 when she got a temporary job as a choreographer and liked it so much that she wanted to continue.

Now she runs a dance and ballet school in LuleƄ in Northern Sweden, and is in charge of the floor and dance training at the LuleƄ skating club.

In her own words: “I have changed my life. Now it is ice and fire!”

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