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New video blog!

Hi everyone! I have started a new video blog, feel free to watch it! I will try to update the […]

To everyone following my career

I want to share some information. It’s been hard deciding whether or not to tell people. Most of those closest […]

April 1st – trust no one :)

I hope you enjoyed my 1st April joke about pair skating ūüôā ! “I keep on going with single skating […]

Changing to pair skating.

Good day! I have some news for you all. Considering my injury situation in the achilles tendon and the slow […]

World Championship

Well, it didn’t go so well this time. Im still trying to return to normal shape with my achilles tendon, […]

Merry X-mas!

Merry X-mas everyone! Here I’m writing from my snowy town Lule√• with -22 celsius outside. I also want to¬†keep you […]

Invitation To Christmas on Ice 2014. And result from Shockwave therapy

Here comes a quick “backstage” video that I recorded yesterday. I edited the video with some preparations to our¬†show, and […]

Thursday and Experiment number 2- “Shockwave rehab”

Hello again! Yesterday I got¬†a shockwave treatment of my physical therapist, hurt a little now and then when you hit […]

Good ideas come from crazy ideas – “Experiment number 1”

Today I started looking for other options than surgery, quite promising results. Today I tried to use my TENS unit […]

Update on the Achilles tendon

Many thanks to those of you who got in touch with me, feel free to continue submitting your theories about […]