Alexander 11th at the European Championships 2017

In the short program Alexander landed his quad toe loop, but got minus GOE. Afterwards Alexander asked the judges why, and was told his connecting steps leading into the jump were not “close” enough to the jump. The judges had been told to be more strict in their judging. The step sequence was perhaps a bit slower and more cautiously executed this time, but overall Alexander was pleased with the short program. He was in 7th place going into the free program.

He had a great morning practice on the day of the free skating.
In the 6 minute warm-up he landed a perfect quad toe, but unfortunately that same jump didn’t work during the competition; it was opened up into only a double. In spite of this, Alexander landed clean triple Axels and other jumps, although some turned into doubles.

Alexander commented on his free program:

“It felt a little stiff, it didn’t feel good. I can do much better than this. I’m not proud over it, but happy with the practice and the warm-up. I’m not ashamed to say I did not skate well here even though I didn’t fall. But I missed many points by doubling the quad and some other jumps. I was hoping for a top 10 placement so Sweden would have 2 spots next year. But it’s a long wait when you’re the last one out in your group, but that’s the same for everyone and I drew that number so… All in all I’m not upset about the outcome, but I can do so much better than this. I’ve skated almost clean free programs in the last 4 competitions; it’s sad I didn’t do it here. But there are more chances coming up, next week, but Worlds in Helsinki is the most important one.”

Note: Alexander is already in Almaty, Kazakhstan, competing at the Winter Universiade.

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