Alexander did it!

Last weekend’s Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany was a nerve wrecking event for Alexander’s fans, as well as for Alexander himself. He said he couldn’t feel his legs during the short program, but he still managed to land both a clean quadruple toe loop and a triple Axel. Unfortunately the triple toe – triple toe combination turned into a triple – double. His new short program Bang Bang is a new, totally different style for him, and was very well received by the audience.

In the free program Alexander was clearly taken by the fact that he had to produce not only a top 6 placement to earn the Olympic spot for Sweden, but also try and get those 258 points required by the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC). Again, he landed the quad and triple Axel two times, once in combination with a double toe, but also made some mistakes, clearly due to the nervous situation. Alexander didn’t succeed this time in getting those 258 points, but he ended up in a very honorable 3rd place with 225,04 points, and won the bronze medal. He was actually only 1 point from silver.

Congratulations to Alexander for medaling at this Olympic qualifier, and good luck in getting his so well deserved Olympic ticket.