Interview with Alexander

After Worlds in Helsinki we arranged an interview with Alexander and asked some questions about past and upcoming seasons, everyday routines and future plans.

Hello Alexander, your programs are very interesting, and at every competition this season the audience seemed to love them a lot! Tell us who came up with the ideas of the short and free programs?

Me, my mother and my father. But we started the programs very late this season due to injury.

What time do you start your training?

It depends, it can be 7:30 and it can also be 10:00.

How many sessions do you have?

Two a day, six times a week on ice. I also do an hour of rehab off ice every day.

Do you take ballet/dance lessons?

I had ballet classes when I was younger – now it only happens sometimes.

How often do you do run-throughs?

Every day during the competition season.

How much time do you spend at the gym?

This year during the competition season, almost none, but I try to work out outside the gym (running, cardio etc.).

What other sports do you do?

No sports except skating, but I love to train on a road bike during the summer.

What kind of support does the Swedish Federation provide? Do they pay for choreography, costumes, travel expenses, accommodations, entry fees etc.?

The Federation pays travel expenses, entry fees and accommodations for international competitions.

You posted on Facebook that you would be available to guest coach April 13 – June 30. What brought on the idea of working as a coach right before the Olympic season?

The reason is my graduation in physical therapy. It is not possible to work part time and also travel to competitions while you have your own patients. So I cannot work at the moment; that’s why Iʼm trying to guest coach. In the last four years I’ve been busy from 7:00 to 21:00, now my studies are over, and it’s really boring doing nothing.

You also recently posted that at age 25 you started doing the quad Salchow. Will you add it to your short and/or free program next season?

I’m thinking about it, why not? But I will also try the quad Lutz/flip before I decide which one to include in the programs.

Will you keep one of the current programs for next season?

I will probably change them both.

Do you have any ideas or preferences for music for next season?

I have an idea for the short program and we have already started working on it.

Any plans for working with new choreographers or coaches? Do you plan to go anywhere for summer training?

I think I will let my father make the programs this year in collaboration with other coaches. I’m not sure that I will go anywhere this summer, but we will see – maybe plans will change.

Tell us about your vlog! What will your posts be about?

Itʼs a new project to see if ”non-famous” athletes can make a small salary from views. Itʼs not going well so far, ha ha! But I will try to keep it alive. The topics vary, so everyone is welcome to check it out! The videos are available in English, Russian and Swedish.

What are your future plans?

Everything depends on the progress in skating 😀