“Universiade”, the Best Competition of My Life!

Alexander was chosen to represent Sweden at the Winter Universiade in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It turned out to be one of the best competitions in his career. In the short program Alexander landed a superb quad toe and triple Axel, but missed the second jump in his triple toe-triple toe combination. He lost a few points there but his spins and step sequences all got the levels he aimed for. The short program was well received by the enthusiastic audience. Alexander was in 6th place going into the free program.

Skating as number 3 in the last group, Alexander started out with another perfect quad toe, followed by a triple Axel-double toe combination, triple Axel and several other jumps, all landed seemingly flawlessly. He received plus GOE on all his jumping elements, except for a small mistake made in the 3-jump combination, where the last jump had a bad landing and a fall. Spins and steps got their levels and the choreographic sequence received several +3 GOE.

Even if the competition result, 246,56 points, doesn’t count as a PB according to ISU rules (it’s 17,59 points over his official PB), it’s still an unofficial best result for Alexander.

He said this about the competition:

“This is the best competition in my life! I didn’t expect it since the level of competitors was very high. If I’d skated like this at the European Championships I would have had a chance at being in third place. The audience was fantastic, they cheered so loudly I could barely hear the music. It was great competing there, it was bigger than the Olympic Games! I thought it would be a smaller competition like one of the smaller senior events competitions. I was shocked over how big it was. I wish all the competitors good luck in the following days, and I hope more medals rain over Sweden.”