Good ideas come from crazy ideas – “Experiment number 1″

Today I started looking for other options than surgery, quite promising results.

Today I tried to use my TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) while I trained.
I don’t think anyone have ever tried it before on the ice.
It was not so easy to get the wires on and inside the boot – but with a bit of tape I suddenly became a handy person.
( A man can solve anything with a piece of tape haha )
I actually came up with this idea while I was trying to fall asleep last night.
I can promise you, when you are desperate to find a cure then you are willing to try everything-  even if it sounds like a bad idea.

I started to try to set my device at high frequency which is said to block the pain, but it only made the pain much worse.
I went through all the settings on the unit and tested all the programs, I found a program that gave me electrical impulses in bursts, about 180-210 bpm (like if someone is shooting a machine gun- bang bang bang bang, 180 times in a minut)

I tried to jump single axel with full speed around 10 times, it even felt that I could try a double- but i stopped.
I thought it was enough for the first time trying. Pain was coming, but much less than before.
I can almost say that the pain was blocked by 30% -40%.
We’ll see how I feel in my Achilles tendon tomorrow, if it does not feel sore in the morning then it’s a good sign.

Tomorrow, I will also visit my physiotherapist and ask him to do shockwave treatment, thats my plans for “experiment number 2″.

Have a wonderful day!